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Seminar on Psychosocial Health

Archana on Psychosocial Wellbeing17 September 2013, Kathmandu.

An interactive seminar on PsychoSocial care was conducted at College of Applied Business (CAB) Tangal Durbar. Archana Bibhor, clinical hypnotherapist and psychosocial counselor gave a presentation on the causes and consequences of psychosocial problems. 

The participants made a descent interactions with the presenter and shared some of the real life issues that they had found difficult to manage.

According to Archana, the seminar was focused on helping the participants understand three major factors, 'what is psychosocial care?', 'why psychosocial care is required?' and 'how psychosocial wellbeing is achieved?'

Archana Bibhor is the founder of Nepal Hypnosis Pvt. Ltd. and is actively involved in spreading the awareness of psychosocial health in Nepal since half a decade. 

Archana Bibhor Hypnosis Presentation